Wednesday, December 17, 2008

love your lover

It's been proven to me on more than one occasion that all true love really means is good timing. As I get older (and a little wiser), it becomes apparent that sometimes, if it's "meant to be," the universe will make good timing happen. I'm patiently waiting. Watch fob in hand. For good timing to find me.

In the mean time, I take some time to make Valentine's for my many lovers in honor of their unbelievably, positively necessary, presence in my life. A pretty little "mix tape" housed in a hand made envelope. Each one was unique just like the treasures they were made for.

Song List:
1. Will you please be there for me - Reindeer Section
2. Baby now that I've found you - Alison Kraus
3. Crazy Love - Van Morrison
4. Let's get it on - Jack Black
5. I'll follow you into the dark - Death Cab for cutie
6. Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales
7. Eyes - Rogue Wave
8. Love & some verses - Iron & Wine
9. Question - Old 97's
10. My heart would know - Hank Williams
11. All my loving - The Beatles
12. I wanna be your boyfriend - The Ramones
13. I Believe - Stevie Wonder
14. Last Request - Paolo Nutini
15. Sing me to sleep - Night Canopy
16. Let myself fall - Rosie Thomas

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