Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sausage & waffles

As far back as I can remember there have only been a handful of foods that I have a great distaste for. It took me until high school to learn that french fries are a delicacy. Donuts have always in sighted a gag reflex. And pancakes (and therefore, waffles by default considering it's often the same batter...) have never been invited to my breakfast parties. However, today must be a magical kind of day. A dear friend inspired a waffle-loving within me, and when I opened for a recipe, low and behold waffles were on the front page. Waffles were meant to be.

Oat flour waffles with fresh whipped cream and warm strawberry-peach compote.

Stella warming her pouf while we gorged.

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Cacky said...

GIVE IT TO ME! Wish I was there for your glorious breakfast. XO