Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Design Time: Sea & Sky Bathroom

bathroom decor complete: salvaged bead board & antique elements

The bathroom is finally entirely unpacked and placed in some sort of reasonable order. In fact, it may be the most peaceful room in the entire apartment. I've been blessed with an inordinate amount of square footage here. It has been suggested to me that a chaise may be in order for proper lounging. Instead, I made use of my salvaged bead boards and a myriad of antique goodies treasure troved from Pacific Galleries.

ocean reminiscence: antique corral on bead board shelf

Sink-side tray: antique magnifying mirror & French bath goodies.

old French medic's tray holds my modern day torture devices

I could say I'm making some incredibly conceptual design choice here with the dichotomy between sea and sky, but really I just think they're pretty: quail eggs perched on top of antique medic's trays